Corporate Image,

Branding A picture is worth a thousand words.

Images belong to the realm of perception, and this is where we do our most important work, perception versus reality.
What happens when supply becomes global, products are increasingly similar, and services can only be told apart by their name?
This means we will only be able to provide added value to our brand and give it personality by working on our image and our potential consumer’s perception.

What does my project actually need?

Advice, someone to trust, who is experienced and able to draw a single line between the source (our project) and the destination (our potential customer).
Here at Signals in Motion we will show you how to draw a line using some of the following design tools or through a combination of them, all of which we master.

Creating a brand.

We should not confuse creating a brand with designing a logo.
You need more than a Mac and a basic knowledge of design to create a brand.
Among other things, we need to answer four essential questions.

What is our AIM when creating it?
Which IDEA sums up the brand’s competitive edge?
What will its PERSONALITY be like?
What physical ATTRIBUTES will we give it?`

After we are able to answer all these questions and we have established coherence between them, it is time for the “desk” work.
This means immersion into the sector, researching your competition, providing creative approaches and high-quality professional design to meet goals.

If we are already working on the graphic design or logo for our brand, or we had done so beforehand, then we should develop its corporate identity.

Corporate identity refers to the set of visual, sound, audio-visual, and other attributes used to identify a brand. The logo, font, colours, uniforms, advertising, etc., are resources that help create a customised image and make it easier for customers and the potential audience to recognise it.

This set of standards can be found in GUIDELINES, which is a document covering the set of attributes needed to establish one’s own graphic territory, and when used reasonably, will heighten our image in a clear and consistent way.

Developing a brand.

We have a seed that is genetically designed to win, but however excellent it is, something that small and delicate needs the perfect place, and the right soil and amount of water, otherwise it will not grow. Welcome to BRANDING.

Branding is everything, from the company logo to how we use it in our emails. This goes for how we decorate our fleet and above all whether it is sustainable, the packaging we design, the materials sales agents use when working, our social media presence, the profiles we have, or the way we are depicted in specialised press. These are all signals emitted by our brand. From the smallest action to the largest campaigns. Everything works to help our message deeply resonate with our target audience.

The key to branding is conveying a specific idea that defines our personality using the customer’s experience with our brand. In the words of DiCaprio in the movie Inception:

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? AN IDEA. RESILIENT. HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS."
Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate.

Here at Signals in Motion we have the experience and talent needed to provide the right solutions for all your brand goals.