Business Intelligence.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence.

Picture a network of towers collecting valuable information for your business.

And now that we have fully thought out the strategic side, we can start planning and monitoring our metrics:

How much do we need to sell?
What do we want to sell?
Who do we want to sell to?
How will we start selling?

Anything that can be measured, can be monitored and managed. Metrics are a tool for measuring and at the same time a TOOL FOR COMMUNICATING
This means a company has to decide which metrics are the right ones to optimise the management of their strategy.
KPIs are measurements directly linked to the company’s key goals and strategy.
KPIs can provide us with negative information because of poor management, but this information can also highlight opportunities such as: potential for a type of customer, stronger or weaker competition, whether our company policies are right for a specific market segment, etc.

How we perform here will make us adopt BUSINESS SOLUTIONS to bring the data in line with our goals (sales support, training teams, realigning strategies, etc.) or TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (artificial intelligence and more)

AI applied to price marketing strategies.
Automated, algorithmic pricing structure identification: this leads to greater efficiency, the difference between us and our competitors, transparency both internally for the company and for the market, and we can use it to detect new potential prices.
Big data driven by artificial intelligence, showing performance, conclusions and opportunities using the right amount of digitalisation, lets the pricing engine operate at high performance, with a strategic price elasticity putting us ahead of the pack.

AI applied to product traceability
Having your newly made product smart scanned lets you monitor how product quality is ensured across the logistics chain, from the end point in the manufacturing chain to the customer’s hands. This way we can pinpoint areas or sections where the product is at risk of damage, leading to appropriate visibility and improved decision-making.
Here at Signals in Motion we have the experience and talent needed to provide you with the right solutions for all your business intelligence needs.

Business intelligence Business intelligence